It's a Record
19 December, 2010 - 11:19 a.m.

Nine months is a long time. I could have had a baby, except I'd get in big trouble if I got pregnant. There would have to be a paternity test.

I've been writing real stuff as opposed to the fake stuff that is my life. I am reworking the partial novel I wrote for NaNoWriMo 2009, and I took a novel writing class. Then I joined NaNoWriMo 2010 and failed, but I started another novel idea that seems to be really great. I am now in a writing group too. So at least I'm trying.

In the meantime, I'm still working my ass off at the hospital as a "part-time" office coordinator. I work too hard and too many hours, and I need to get out of there before it kills me. It was making me fat, but I got that under control. I think. Again.

I ran the Las Vegas Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon a couple weeks ago and had to walk the last three miles because of a foot injury which I still haven't had diagnosed. I'm leaning toward stress fracture. It still hurts, and I haven't run since. But the point of this is I believe said injury is from more than 200 pounds of fatness beating the bejeezus out of that poor foot during all my training runs and then the first 10 miles of a half marathon. So I came home and joined Weight Watchers to get it under control. Yes, you can gain weight or not lose weight while training for a half marathon. I've done it. Three times.

Right before Christmas seems to be an unpopular time to join WW. Everyone keeps asking me why I did in now, but it seems pretty logical to me. Why not get a handle on eating before I'm faced with a multitude of fattening foods. My job looks like a dessert buffet to rival any in Vegas. And typically, I would have eaten a little of everything and then went back for things I really liked with the excuse that it's the holidays. But it seems like there is always some special occasion anymore. More often than not, what I end up eating isn't all that special anyway, so WW keeps me from making excuses. Now I'm keeping track.

Over the course of my first week, I lost more than I ever have in my entire life in one week--6.5 pounds. Even when John and I were separated, and I went without eating or eating minute amounts, I did not lose that much in one week. It's a record for me. So this thing is working.

Now I'm nervous though. It's clear I will not continue like that, and I worry how I'll handle it when I don't lose for a whole week or even gain. That is the pessimist in me. I have to let her have her say and then tell her I can handle it.

Even though I'm not running, I am still exercising. We bought a new rower (not the Concept2 I wanted, but it will do) and two used exercise bikes. I've always wanted a rower, and that think is kicking my ass. I can only manage 7 min. at a time (started with 5). I do two sessions of 7 min. The bike is obviously easier, but it hurts my butt. They are Lifecycles we won in auction of stuff from the old Civic Arena. We thought they were from the visitors' locker room, but it turns out they were from the Penguins' locker room. Woo! So now I get to imagine my butt is being hurt by the same seat as just about everyone on the Penguins. I wonder if it hurt their butts as much?

I have to shut up now and get ready to do some shopping. As usual, I have procrastinated terribly, and I have lots of Christmas shopping to do. Some things never change.


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