Over a Year
18 February, 2012 - 8:50 a.m.

Cripe. Over a year. The timing actually coincides with when I started taking my novel more seriously. Not seriously enough to get it done. At least until recently. My goal is to have a first draft by my birthday at the end of May. I'm on target so far. That will be a marvelous birthday gift to myself.

Also in that year, we have had a total animal reset. All three cats are gone, with my sweet, old boy, Asia not quite making eighteen years.

After we became a cat-free, dog-only household, Kaya fell suddenly and unexpectedly ill. Her trip to the vet to find out what was wrong was her last one. Even typing that sentence brings tears to my eyes. She was my first dog and may be my only dog, because she set the bar much too high. I'm afraid I will compare all other dogs to her and will not be able to love another one properly.

For Christmas, John wanted to let L get a kitten. While browsing the Humane Society site for kittens, I came across one I liked too. When she was still there two weeks later (strange a Lynx-point Siamese would last so long), I had to go visit her. Her name was Cinderella. It's like she was meant for me. And she was. We brought her home, even though she was on medication from being sick (that's why no one wanted her; just a cold). I renamed her, because we can't be having two Cindys in the house.

We do have two cats in the house though, and after having had three for a time, I know I can never be a crazy cat lady. Two is my limit. Unless we come across a Bengal cat that needs a home. I am desperate for a Bengal.

And now my house is desperate for some cleaning (as always) and my novel is desperate for some words.


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